Exactly what did D’Anna see in the Temple of Five!

Analysis of this scene, where D’Anna apparently recognizes somebody in the Temple of Five was an important part in the development of the Final Cylon Solution.

Writer: Oh we also had to come up with harbinger of death, harbinger of death for Katee and the possible solutions to that and now she’s brought death to the cylons and..umm…..and you know and having the hybrid tell her that you know these, its..its amazing how we dug ourselves out of what looked like an impossible hole

RDM: yeah we’ve developed quite a talent for painting ourselves in corners and them somehow getting out of them

Writer: thats been my greatest learning experience on this show is, its actually a good thing not to map everything out, use what youv’e established, and discoveries…

RDM: and you just find ways that they all sync up together eventually…its its its especially as we’ve been constructing the end of the series its surprising how many of those pieces we were really able to pick up again and actually weave back in and there was surprisingly little that I feel like we never got around to actually, actually tying up

Writer: your ideas come from what you’ve done, look at what you’ve done and your use your other ideas come from that, and its not and its really more organic than plotting it out… (Source: Revelations Podcast @ 27:47)

Thinking about the Temple scene logically results in nonsense. Lets suppose that D’Anna did recognize the Final Five humans in the Temple. This implies that the glowing figure is an exact representation of one of those Final Five. This is a big problem. We know that Tigh was in two wars and has grown up from a child, so its safe to assume that at some point he was born. When Tigh was 2 years old, his corresponding figure in the Opera House would have been 2ft high! When Tigh was an embryo he would have appeared as a glowing speck suspended in mid-air!

There is obviously something wrong with the assumption that the glowing figures are exact representations of the Final Five humans.

So now lets seperate the glowing figures from the Final Five humans and suppose that they are two different entities, simply connected to each other through the Opera House.

The Final Cylon Solution provides two plausible explanations for what she saw…

Solution 1

D’Anna recognized the glowing figures for what they are, Lords of Kobol. The LOK were responsible for the creation of the S7, therefore it makes sense that the lower the model number, the more likely they are to have had direct experience of these entities at somepoint in their past. Cavil seems to know more about the Final Five than any other model and he is number #1, D’Anna is number #3

Solution 2

Once the connection between the glowing figures and four of the five mortal LOK was established at the Ionian Nebula, its conceivable that she could see the human face transparently transposed upon the face of the glowing figure. This would mean she could have only recognized one of the Final Five because at that point, the connection hadn’t been established with the other four members.

Now when you analyse the scene in which D’Anna gets off the Raptor and requests the four from the fleet, it makes perfect sense that this is a scene in which the writers have had to “dig themselves out of a hole”. At first glance it appears as though D’Anna does indeed recognize the Final Five but its clear that it was filmed in such a way as to continue the charade that the Final Five humans are the same five that the cylons call the Final Five.

It’s never conclusive that she recognizes any of the other four. She did recognize Baltar, he was the only one connected via his head character at that time. He was already on the baseship which is why she only requested the four from the fleet. She simply used a mind trick to fool the colonials into thinking she knew the other four. When she starts speaking, both Tory and Tigh are looking extremely worried which is why she appears to focus her attention on them – leading you to think she already knows who they are. Tory then effectively gives herself up and in a scene that we don’t see, she tells D’Anna who the other three are. This is how she appears to know the identity of the other three when Lee tells her that he has them in the launch tube.

Another piece of clever production, designed to dig themselves out of a hole and at the same time maintain the illusion that the Opera House figures and the Final Five humans are one and the same!

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5 Responses to Exactly what did D’Anna see in the Temple of Five!

  1. Michael says:

    I find her comment, to what I assume is the Final one, to the effect of, “I had no idea, forgive me”, very interesting. I’ve scoured the episodes and can’t really find any clues.

  2. Chris says:

    I took the comment “I had no idea, forgive me”, to mean that she saw Tigh and was referencing the Cylons torturing him and taking his eye on New Caprica.

  3. Brandon says:

    I thought the same as Chris did. And who’s to say that they were standing in order? The “Final Cylon” is only the last one to be discovered. As far as I know, there’s no reason to assume that the person at the far right is the unknown Cyclon.

  4. Dan says:

    There are some major problems with your logic in “Solution 2”. D’Anna DOES have a very plausible connection with all of the final 4 cylons prior to her seeing them in the visit to the Temple of 5. All of them were on New Caprica and all of them were leaders of the resistance movement AND she met Anders on (Old) Caprica in “Downloaded” in the rubble after he blew up the parking garage.

  5. sqork says:

    “I had no idea, forgive me”

    Remember Bulldog?

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