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LAST UPDATED: 30 July 2008

Grace Park: “There’s one episode where everything is explained and I had to read it three times, I had to sit down with [executive producer] Ron Moore and he had to break it down.” (Source)

The final cylon solution is understandably difficult to explain. It’s a complex show full of misdirection and misinterpretation and therefore very confusing. It requires you drop any preconceptions of the show that may have been forced on you and start again from the beginning!

Here I will present a brief overview, followed by the articles you should focus on that delve into the details of how this all fits together.


The Opera House figures and the Final Five are different entities. They are only connected via the Opera House. Once this connection is established, the Opera House figures can appear to the Final Five as head characters in order to communicate.

The cylons, or more specifically the Significant 7 know of the Opera House figures, they call them the Final Five, they aren’t allowed to think of them which leads them to assume they are another 5 cylon models.

The S7 are incorrectly identifying the Final Five. It’s the Opera House figures that are the “real” Final Five. The Opera House figures are responsible for the creation of the S7, they are the original programmers. The S7 and the raiders can only sense the “real” Final Five now that the connection to the human Final Five has been established. This is how they incorrectly identify them.

The Final Five humans + Starbuck are mortal reincarnated forms of Lords of Kobol, the Opera House figures + Maelstrom.Leoben are LOK that reside in the space between life and death. Together these make 12 Lords of Kobol.

The LOK in the space between life and death guide the mortal LOK into completion of Gods plan – the rejuvenation of mankind through a cycle of destruction and rebirth.

Baltar is the fifth of the Final Five, but the cylons are confusing the Final Five humans with the five that they know from their history, therefore it is Head.Six that is the final cylon since she *is* one of the five Opera House figures and it is those figures that guided the creation of the skinjobs – she is one of the ‘lost’ five cylon models.


The four that live in secret are four of the five Opera House figures and not the four cylons revealed at the end of Season 3. Head.Six is the other Opera House figure, she isn’t classed as living in secret since she has been prominent since the mini-series, she will be revealed as the final cylon. If they were talking about the four humans they why not just say ELEVEN ARE KNOWN.

The complete theory is split up into several articles and might not make sense until you have read through them all, but trust me it all works out in the end.

Katee Sackhoff: You know, at first I was a little disappointed. I was like, “Really? That’s what you’re gonna do? Okay…” But then the more I thought about it, I was like, “Oh… this makes so much sense. That’s fantastic!” And I realized that if the fans do what I did, they’ll be happy. If they take it for what it is on camera, they’ll be like, “Excuse me?!” (Source)


If you are wondering why The Space Between Life and Death is called TPBLAD, its to aid comprehension while reading, TSBLAD is rather disruptive to read and just doesn’t have quite the same feel to it, just view it as a word and not an acronym.[1]

  • The 12 Lords of Kobol – explains how the LOK are manipulating the colonials and their place in the show as well as how the cylons are misidentifying the Final Five.
  • The Head.Six Theory – explains how Head.Six is the final cylon and the nature of the Final Five humans.
  • The Conception of Hera – explains how Head.Six and Baltar could well be the “literal” parents of Hera and reveals the true meaning behind “Gods new generation”
  • Constructing the show – the final word on the Head.Six theory as well as some interesting references to the shows construction

Finally you might want to check out…

  • What is TPBLAD? – attempts to explain the nature of TPBLAD through numerous examples of its appearance throughout the show
  • Speculation – where to next? – attempts to use the Head.Six theory to speculate where the show might go during the remainder of Season 4 and also explain some other unanswered questions

Happy reading…

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[1]You can blame Mathematica for this one, mixing up place with space 🙂

5 Responses to START HERE -> The Final Cylon Solution

  1. Lisa says:

    There are some similarities between your theory and mine.

    I think the Lords of Kobol are the Beings of Light and that they guided the creation of the Significant 7. You’ve picked up on some details that I’ve missed, which definitely are intriguing.

  2. Sandy Masarik says:

    When Admiral Adama is called Zeus, it reminds me of the stories that Zeus fathered many children with mortal women. He had more than Laura Roslin as his Hera, and I think D’Anna may be his Dionne. Apollo is the son of Zeus. The last Cylon CAN ONLY BE WILLIAM ADAMA. BILL ADAMA’S father, Joseph, created this mess with his neighbor, Daniel Graystone, from Caprica, the Computer Genius who lost his wife and child in a bomb explosion. From everything I can research, this was not something Joseph did voluntarily. His neighbor did it to help his grief. Bill Adama is a replacement child, whether Bill Adama knows it or not, or someone very close in lineage like Lee Adama is a Cylon replacement. Kara Thrace is a Cylon, and was either switched at birth, or Socrata Thrace was in on it for the cash. By the way, Thrace means three. Anastasia Dualla means two and Helo means Helix which also means three or a twisted three. Lee swam in the Stream when his suit got a leak in it. Didn’t he hear the music and go to the gym and suit up? He does look like a Cylon and they do try to get next to a leader or get high leadership roles or placed with influential families. The Final Four turned out to be Saul Tigh, Tory Foster, Galen Tyrol, and Samuel T. Anders. (all names with a “t”) Saul Tigh told Galen Tyrol and Samuel Anders “they were evil men sent by death in the gardens of paradise to spread devastation and destruction wherever they went.” Add one more person, and you get the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Baltar brought destruction to the colonies, is he the 4th Horsemen? I don’t see Tory Foster as a horseman of the apocalypse as she has not blown up anything. However, she did send someone out an airlock. Tom Zarek allegedly killed lots of people; maybe he is a Cylon and not a terrorist.
    What about Daniel “Bulldog” Novacek? I read on the web, casting calls had come out for folks with dreadlocks. Another rumor about Dennis Haysbert being in the final episodes came to light. While doing some research about Bulldog, I found out that Ronald Moore wanted Haysbert to play Bulldog and not Carl Lumbly. If you look at the stick figures in the forefront of the Final Five, it could be a Hub of dreadlocked Cylons who worship “Bulldog” and he could be the remaining Five, but it’s just a theory. I would feel bad if I didn’t add him to all my other theories, when he really could be the one. God, I hope it’s not Socinus, Crashdown or Jammer. They had unfortunate endings. It will probably be Billy Keikaya, because he looked like a robot from the jump. I hope Ron Moore doesn’t try to pull that. Also, the jury is still out on President Laura Roslin. She came out of nowhere to be President. Ancient scrolls, Pythia, no one ever heard of, a place name Earth. Every clue, she is manipulating her so-called religion to. I don’t think she is religious at all. Also, she had never read the Scrolls of Pythia before getting on Galactica. She did say she would like a blonde body off the Resurrection ship. She thought she would look good as a blonde. Elosha appeared to Roslin in the Hub episode. Ron Moore wanted Billy to play the role as that Elosha had to take, and it is believed he planned to bring Billy back as the Final Cylon. I would like to point out that the twelve may not really be twelve. Remember, the Cylons always lie. Keep that in mind, they deal in untruths, subterfuge, sabotage, and infiltration by the fifth column. Also, Ron Moore is not an honest man, he likes to mislead his audience, I am sure he is a Cylon.

    Your theories are great, and I think your explanations are very well thought out, especially the Ron Moore “Blade Runner” comparison. Also, I have heard Laura Roslin is going to swim in the stream and rise out of a water spout like Aphrodite.

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  4. John says:

    The “Caprica” trailer showing holograms must be taken into consideration. The head characters and Kara’s reuniting with her mother – many things could be explained as via elaborate holograms.

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