The 12 Lords of Kobol

July 5, 2008

The Reincarnation Interpretation

UPDATED 7 July 2008 21:21 GMT

MovieWeb: Do the final 5 have model numbers, and if there are 12 Cylons and 12 Gods, are there any direct pairings between the Gods of Greek mythology and the Cylon models?

Ron Moore: The final 5 do not, in fact, have numbers. The pairing of the 12 colonies and the 12 Gods and the 12 tribes and the number 12, while there’s the certain repetition of the numerology in the show, there’s not that direct correlation that you’re asking about. (Source)[2]

There are 12 Lords of Kobol. They are split into two groups, those that take mortal form through reincarnation and those that stay within TPBLAD acting as guides to their mortal companions. All of this takes place periodically in order to rejuventate mankind through a cycle of destruction and rebirth. Read the rest of this entry »


TPBLAD and Time Travel!

July 3, 2008

Sensibly explaining Starbucks mysterious Viper (UPDATED 05 Jul 2008 12:03)
In Hero, D’Anna gets herself shot by a centurian so that she can download. During this download she experiences flashbacks of her time on New Caprica as well as flashforwards of her experience in the Temple of Five which doesn’t actually happen until a few episodes later in Rapture!

So the download process includes a flashforward of something that is going to happen to her – therefore you have to say that since the download process involves passing through the place between life and death, this place must in some sense be timeless. Read the rest of this entry »

The Head.Six Theory

June 29, 2008

UPDATED 11 July 2008 19:19

Battlestar Galactica is a TV show and therefore isn’t subject to rigorous scientific analysis. It is full of clues that have multiple meanings which allows the writers more freedom to change the direction without creating inconsistancies in the storyline. Trying to work out what is going on is like trying to escape from a maze that is being continually built, with paths that were previously left intentionally open being blocked off as the story progresses.

What does it mean to be ‘cylon’?

David Eick- I think the audience has to start by asking the question, “What really defines a Cylon?” That’s part of what Season 4 is really going to be dedicated to. And the tip of that iceberg will be introduced in the season finale. (source: TV Guide)

There is no official definition of the term cylon for the reimagined BSG. Cylon is layered with meaning, it includes both cybernetic organism and immortal being. Looking at the show like this opens up a whole new way of solving it’s mysteries. Read the rest of this entry »